Saturday, January 10, 2009

Everyone Screams for Ice-Cream!

Young and old we all love our ice-cream! Our niece and Grandpa sampled our Kiwi-Banana Sundae and loved it. What better way to have it than in the raw. You can have this for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert. Since this is mainly's perfect for anyone.

We buy organic bananas by the case when we get the chance otherwise we purchase them at Costco or Winco when they are on sale for .18 cents a lb. We fill up our cart and when they are good and ripe we peel them, put them in a ziploc bag and store them in our freezer for when our ice-cream attack arises. You can do this with ANY ripe fruit that you won't eat soon. It can be used later for a coulis, ice-cream, a sorbet, fruit roll ups and even raw jelly. (Mmmmm...home made raw unpasturized almond butter and jelly....with nut mylk. Sounds good. But, that's for another blog.)

You can use your juicer with the blank plate on (Champion or Green Star). You can also chop the bananas up and put them in your food processor or Blendtec. When using the latter be careful not to blend too much or you will end up with mush.

Kiwi-Banana Sundae
Frozen Bananas (depending on how many people there are to serve)

Handful of fresh strawberries
1 Tbl agave
pinch of Himalayan Crystal Salt
1/4 lemon, juiced

Blend in Blender until smooth.

Peeled and sliced kiwis
Chopped pecans or nut of choice
Sprinkle with cacao nibs

Eat it up, YUM!

Once you have made this it will get your creative juices flowing. So, get can use ANY frozen fruit to make an ice-cream or sorbet. We have fruit trees and have even had mulberry ice-cream. It is delicious. For the sauce or coulis you can use any berry that you have and it will be delicious...try blackberries for an out of this world experience!

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