Friday, January 2, 2009

Blast Off With Rawket Food

My family went on a hike today. It has been beautiful the past few days in Southern California and everything is green from the previous rain. It was nice to breathe in some fresh air for once and talk about some of our goals for the New Year. Our family went high raw in 2008. This is a great accomplishment for us. We have literally changed our health to the better and feel better to boot. I eat a high raw vegetarian diet. My biggest weakness is cheese...and the only thing holding me back from becoming a vegan. So, I have made a decision to stop eating cheese. Yes...there will be a funeral! Boo Hoo! Seriously....good riddance!
I have just recently read that cheese is one of the worst foods for you as it is one of the most putrefied foods. Raw or not, it is made by the process of rotting the casein in milk with bacteria. The result is a putrefied, fermented, highly addictive, highly acidic product. If it isn't raw it is pasteurized, a fancy word for cooked. Because dairy products are pasteurized, they cause acidity and excess mucus in the body that lead to allergies, colds, and eventually more serious illnesses.
I know it was bad for me, but after reading that I made the decision...I am done.

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