Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tree Planting Time!

April showers bring May flowers and in our case...brings fruit trees. We are planting fruit trees this week. My children each have claimed their trees. My daughter loves mangos and my son loves apples. We have planted a Mango tree, an Apple tree, a Peach tree, a Fig tree and are getting ready to plant a Blackberry bush. We are so happy that our city allows us 5 free trees a year and fruit trees count. We get one free from the nursery, pay for the other 4 and they reimburse us through our utility bill. How exciting! For all of those who own a home you should check into what your city is doing and how to benefit from this!


rawleen said...

No way! That's so awesome! What city are you in? I love that idea!

Antony Heaven said...

I love this idea!